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I thought it was very funny! Good work man, looking forward to more of your work.

Not too bad.

My only thing is, when the inro starts, its too fast to read anything. My reccomendation to you is to slow it down a little bit, but other than that, not bad.

Once again...

You make a great movie that was "awsome" and I enjoyed it. I watched both movies and I must say man, you got some major talent. Your definately getting my 5/5 and 10/10 man. Nice work bro and congradulations. Voice acting was superb, humor was all there, animation i think was pretty good. Honestly I had no idea there were delays, much less were there going to be a second, but hey I am not complaining one bit. Once again, congrats.

Not too bad hauss

Really good man. I wish you could of had like an ending, or even like make it to where the viewer can choose how it ends. Other than that man, nicely done. You can go a long ways with this. Keep up the good work.


Yeah but... yeah :P

Awsome lol

Yeah runescape isnt a good game, in fact...it sucks lol.! I loved how you created this movie, really awsome and a bit different. Only thing is, it was a bit repetitive, but overall pretty funny. If you make another, make sure it isnt as repetitive. Otherwise good job, I gave you a 4/5, 9 stars. Keep up the good work!


Petty funny! The name of this flash says it all!

Lol so true...

The fact is runescape is so lame now. I am glad to know someone else shares my hatred for that game. I use to play it a long time ago, and when you play it for so long its just so stupid. Like I said though, I am glad to see someone who shares the same views as me for that hideous game. Good work, if anything, just work on the graphics a little more, but for the whole part, it made me laugh, nice!

"Oh My Goodness What Is This, I Got Bat Wings!"

FOFLMAO That part was soooo freakin hilarious. I think that was the funiest scene in the movie with Fox and Link. Especially when he told Link told Link to stay down. 10/10, 5/5 great work!!


I dont like the whole "dick thing". Thats just like....overkilling it badly. The other clips with like megaman and stuff were pretty funny though, made me laugh really hard. This has potential, but you continue to overkill the dick thing...I wont flame ya for it...but i wont give it a high score. Sorry man...

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

I told you to watch the special edition if you couldn't take it!


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You worst nightmare!

Went to it...


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